Delighted to have you visit my new craft site 🙂

Although fairly new to crafting I have been well and truly bitten by the bug.  I love beautiful things and have always been in awe of those artistic, creative people who have a natural flair for these things.  I’m good with patterns and recipes but ask me to create these from scratch and I’d be lost.

However, I have recently attended a number of workshops where very simple but effective techniques were taught enabling me (yes, even me!) to create some lovely pieces.  More importantly though, they have given me the confidence to accept that I can be creative and produce some wonderful pieces without having to be particularly good at drawing, painting or model making.  Now I’m hooked and in turn want to put these new skills to good use and, where possible pass them on to others.

I hope you enjoy looking through my site, reading the blog posts and joining in by using the ‘How to…’ sections when they appear.